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  • BOM ANO NOVO04 January 2018


    Um Bom Ano Novo para todos!


    The beginning of 2018 had some very nice sunny and warm days. Even the beaches were full of beach goers and we ourselves had a dive in the Atlantic Ocean too. The water had just 17C, but it didn’t feel that cold. Now slowely the clouds will close the last gaps of sunshine and hopefully these clouds will bring some rain tomorrow. 

    Rain is needed to survive the summer and to have the Algarve shiny in the high season. For shure it will be a 🌞 season!


    The peak for booking requests has begun, so if you are thinking about coming to Vila do Ouro in August, don’t wait too long! We still have a few bungalows available and for the second half of August we also have a few apartments available.


    For May and June we have plenty of possibilities. These two months are excellent months to visit the Algarve. The days are long and it is not crowded at all. It is mostly sunny and the temperatures are not to warm. 


    Hopefully we can welcome some of you at our Algarvian Oasis 😄.


    The picture is Rabbit Beach, a beautiful hidden beach just 15 minutes from Vila do Ouro. Summer or winter, this beach is worth a visit. In summer you can swim a bit to have a nearby beach for yourself. The Algarve is a true paradise! 


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