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  • Crocosmia20 January 2014


    January in the Algarve is a month of a laid-back atmosphere, cool temperatures, tanned snowbirds and green fields. During the day we have temperatures between 14 º C - 22 º C. All evenings are chilly with temperatures around 7 ° C and therfore the smell of fireplace smoke in the villages. Due to the rain showers that we had since December, you can discover a lot of wild fauna. The fields around Vila do Ouro are getting greener and greener, and here and there some wild flowers make the whole image colorful. The flower in the picture of this week is a real winter flower. This can be seen from December / April. Then the whole plant disappears until next winter. This flower belongs to the family of Crocosmia , a plant originally from South Africa. You can see this plant a lot along the roads, but also in many gardens, such as in the garden of Vila do Ouro. It gives a bit of a tropical feeling even though we are in the ‘fresh’ month of January.

    After the Christmas break, we are back again to the routines of the days at Vila do Ouro. Right now we are busy with preparations for the new season. The renovation of the bungalows is almost finished and the garden has been pruned as well. The rest we have to do in the next 9 weeks.
    April 1st we are open again and for this month of April we still have availability! Especially in the beginning of April and around Easter. Should you wish to already feel some warm sunshine in April or you want to spend Easter at Vila do OUro, you can contact us of course. What can one expect from the weather in April? Well, April has not steady weather, but the good thing is that there is 60 % chance of lovely sunny days. And when the sun shines , the sun is already very hot . Vila do Ouro has heated pools, so there may be swimming anyway!

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  • HUGE WAVES07 January 2014


    A BOM ANO NOVO for everyone!

    It's has been a topic in the news the past few days that the Atlantic Ocean has huge waves. The west coast of Portugal, of course, gets the brunt and there are many pictures of towering waves found on the internet. The south coast of Portugal (the Algarve) is very sheltered for the swell from the west and north, but if it so zealously as the past two days, the south coast also get its share. Yesterday and today there were huge waves of up to 10 - 12 feet at the beach of Gale. This beach is very open to the west, but there are also beaches that are more sheltered from the big waves, such as the beach of São Rafael, which is very popular for  guests of Vila do Ouro. This beach , which has mirror smooth water in summer, even had to handle big waves (see picture of today). Off course the experts among us directly know it’s about São Rafael by seeing the rock in the middle.

    The weather in the Algarve is quiet the past few days. We have an average of 19 º C and there is little wind. It is cloudy and humid.


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