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  • Rough Weather28 January 2013

    Rough Weather

    Last week, Northern Europe had to deal with snow and cold air, but here in the South-West of Europe, the weather was also not great at all.
    Cloudy, sometimes rain, humid, cold winds and temperatures around 13-17 º C during the day. Not really what you can call weather for a sunny holiday destination!
    Yet not everyone is dissatisfied with this kind of weather! First of all everyone is happy that it rained, because it means that the water resources for summer weather were filled up a bit. Also this kind of weather is quite fun for a lot of activities. The photo of the week shows some surfers who enjoyed a whole week of high waves on the south coast. The ocean at the south coast is in summer almost like a mirror, but in winter it receives often good waves. The photo was taken in Quarteira, a popular (concrete) resort with a huge beach. The long promenade is now every day crowded by winter tourists.
    Besides the surfers, sailors and kite surfers were also pleased with the rough weather. On land, the mountain bikers and 4x4 drivers very happy with mud on their tracks. The next week even more people will be happy, because according to the forecast it will be a wonderful week with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. 

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  • Village Squares18 January 2013

    Village Squares

    The photo of this week gives a good picture of the winter scene of the Algarve. Local men in many small villages are playing a game of Jeu de Boules together in the late afternoon on a village square. They are wearing winter coats, as you can see, because once the sun goes down, the temperature drops as well. And when the sun is not shining, then it is not warmer than 16 º C. The past week the temperature fluctuated between 14 º C - 20 º C during the day.
    The month of January is a quiet month in the Algarve. Much is done to prepare for the summer; restaurants are being painted, boats are being sanded and painted and also here at Vila do Ouro we are busy with the annual winter maintenance.
    Many local people who work in tourism related jobs are having holidays in the January or even no work. Many of them are spending their time at the village squares, playing a bit of Jeu de Boules or you can find them in the coffee shops to socialize with each other. 

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  • Spring Time!11 January 2013

    Spring Time!

    It's spring in the Algarve! The afternoon temperature comes the last days easily around the 20 º C, there is no wind and the sun shines continuously. Some beaches are already having bathers and terraces are packed by the winter tourists. The almond blossom is everywhere again and that will increase the coming weeks, although the forecasts indicate that the next week will be a bit cooler.

    The photo of this week is of the port of Albufeira. To reach the port of Albufeira it takes a 10-minute drive from Vila do Ouro. The harbor is a start point for many day cruises, dolphin tours, diving tours and sailing trips. The photo of the setting sun shows how the winter sun colors everything yellow. 

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  • HAPPY NEW YEAR01 January 2013


    Um Bom Ano Novo para todos! A happy New Year to everybody!
    Around New Year's Eve it is always very busy in Albufeira and already on the 1st of January the first part of the revelers return to the north.
    It was a bit rainy around New Year’s Eve, but that did not spoil the fun. Fortunately it did not rain non-stop.
    At Vila do Ouro we have six weeks to get everything back in order before the new season of 2013. On February the 16th we will receive the first guests in 2013.
    Next week we will upload the second blog of January 2013. 

    The picture of this week is taken from a cliff in Ferragudo, the mountains in the back are called 'the Monchique'.

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