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  • Last week of January26 January 2012

    Last week of January

    Our lemon tree has almost as many lemons as leaves as you can see on the photo of this week. This picture was taken on Thursday, January the 26th around three pm. The weather is still very pleasant in the Algarve with lots of sunshine and relatively high temperatures around 20 º C. It is dry for the time of year and that is in the Algarve a bit the talk of the day. The drought, the abundant sunshine and the high temperatures make the people worry about their vegetables and their water supplies, but on the other hand gives the good weather them also hope. Besides the weather, the topic of discussion is the crisis of 2012. With the many hours of sunshine this winter, the Portuguese people hope for many tourists for the rest of the year. Many predict a very sunny 2012 ... .. 

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  • Good Weather in the Algarve18 January 2012

    Good Weather in the Algarve

    The last 6 weeks we are enjoying the winter like if it is springtime. Days with sunny weather and high temperatures between 18ºC – 22ºC keep on coming and going. For the tourists in the Algarve it is excellent weather. It is funny to see the contrast between the tourists in summer outfits and the locals with winter clothes.
    After the sun goes down, the temperature goes down quickly. The nights are a bit chilly with an average of 8ºC. That’s how locals feel the winter, sitting at night time in their houses without a proper central heating! That’s why locals have to put themselves into winter clothes.
    The family on this week’s picture is enjoying a long beach walk in summer clothes. It is perfect now for this kind of activities. Hiking the cliffs, walking the beaches with their feet into the relatively warm sea with a watertemperature of 17ºC.

    The good weather stays for the next few days. It is very dry in the Algarve and allthough we had two rainshowers past Sunday, it keeps on being dry. The river in our village Paderne is still completely dry.

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  • January 201209 January 2012

    January 2012

    The first almond blossom of the year is already growing in the backyard of Vila do Ouro as you can see on this weeks picture which is taken the 9th of January around 3 pm. The almond blossom in the Algarve means something like the first spring flowers in Northern Europe: once the flowers are showing, you know that spring is coming. Spring will surely arrive, but it's not that we are waiting for good weather, because we already have good weather for a while. The first week of 2012 has started very well in terms of weather and the last few days had plenty of sunshine and temperatures around 20 ° C during the day. The other side of good weather in winter time, is that it is very dry. Farmers are complaining and they pray for rain. For example, the river of Paderne, which was a wild river last year around  this time, is currently as dry as in August.

    The good weather stays for the next few days.The tourists in the Algarve, are enjoying the good temperatures. You see at this time of year especially those over 50, tanned to the bone with white-gray hair. For us, the good weather makes it also easy to prepare the apartments, the studios and the bungalows for the new season 2012 which is about to begin in February.


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  • 01 01 201201 January 2012

    01 01 2012

    A happy and sunny 2012 for all visitors of our website! The first of January started quiet. In Portugal people do not set off fireworks, but local municipalities organize fireworks shows at the coastline. From the balconies of the apartments of Vila do Ouro we could see the fireworks of Albufeira, Vilamoura and Armacao de Pera. At 0.15 hours everything was all calm and the festivities begun.

    This past week we had beautiful weather. The temperature is often above 20 ° C and there is plenty of sunshine. Today is January  the 1st of 2012 and the picture of this week is taken this morning at 11:30 at the beach of Sao Rafael, which can be found in a 15 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro. This beach is popular among our guests and this beach is, like Vila do Ouro, family friendly. The sea still has a temperature of 17 ° C.

    Currently we are working on the annual maintenance of the apartments, bungalows, studios and villas. The large pool and childrens pool get a big cleaning and as well our tennis court. The wonderful weather in the Algarve is helping, but a few rain drops to sprinkle the plants in our sub-tropical garden wouldn’t be bad.

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