News & Announcements from Vila do Ouro

  • NEW BATHROOMS APARTMENTS 2017Inserted on: 26 April 2017

    All 4 apartments of Vila do Ouro have completely new bathrooms. We broke down the existing bathrooms untill the water tubes and we renewed everything, We tried to design a bathroom which is clean and easy to use for our clients. We took out the bath and the shower cabin and we replaced it by an open-shower with a rain shower. This shower is at the same level as the floor and is divided by a small wall from the rest of the bathroom. Toilet and bidet are present off course. New is the wall-hair-dryer. Both apartments sleeping 6 have a double tap wash basin. The first reactions of our clients are wonderfull.

  • NEW MATTRESSES APARTMENTSInserted on: 26 April 2017

    All 4 apartments of Vila do Ouro have new mattresses for the double beds. We wanted medium hard mattresses in order to give comfort to most clients. Not too hard, not too soft. We tested them all and they passed the test. The first reactions of our clients were great. The mattresses are made in Porto.

  • ZOOVER AWARD 2016Inserted on: 04 October 2016

    Vila do Ouro has won the Zoover Award 2016 for being the best Holiday Park in Portugal.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY HOLIDAYInserted on: 04 December 2012

    Vila do Ouro tries to minimize the environmental impact of a stay at Vila do Ouro. All our accommodations have hot water from solar panels, all the water is recycled and reused for the garden, there are water-saving filters and water-saving shower heads used, all waste is separated, our cleaning products are almost all environmentally friendly and of course, our lighting comes from savings or LED lamps. We are still working to reduce energy consumption without compromising on luxury. 

  • FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOKInserted on: 03 November 2011

    Vila do Ouro has a Facebook account. Just click on the link above the languages and start to follow Vila do Ouro. You will receive the blog and  pictures to keep you updated with Vila do Ouro and the Algarve.