Mini-Blog da Vila do Ouro

  • Paradise22 de junho de 2017

    Paradise The Algarve is a true paradise! Summer action all over the place; sunshine, clear skies, high temperatures and a warm sea. Vila do Ouro still has availability for the end of August, September and October! Topo da página
  • Butterfly21 de junho de 2017

    Butterfly Beautiful creature! Topo da página
  • The Blog is Back!15 de junho de 2017

    The Blog is Back! Finally after almost half a year the blog is back! Due to technical problems we were not able to upload pictures. The blog has been active on our facebook page, so if you want to take a look back, visit our facebook. The picture of this week is our flowering sago palm. It is having a good time in our garden, as well as our current guests. Summer weather all over the place with high temperatures and warm nights. Topo da página