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  • BOAS FESTAS!28 de dezembro de 2014

    BOAS FESTAS! Topo da página
  • Almond blossom12 de dezembro de 2014

    Almond blossom This almond blossom is early this winter. It is not even winter. Normally they start to bloom half January. Maybe because of the cold nights of last week (8C) it thinks that the winter has started. During the day we had 16C and a warm sun. The Algarve has not one season without flowers. The Algarve is colorfull all year round. Topo da página
  • Beautiful skies4 de dezembro de 2014

    Beautiful skies Beautiful December skies at Vila do Ouro! The temperatures are around 18C during the day and around 13C during the nights this week. A lot of sunshine! Topo da página