Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • Summerish Octobervrijdag 27 oktober 2017

    Summerish October Almost end of the season and still summerish! Sun is shining and no clouds. Just a blue sky, except some chemtrails, but that will be it. The temperature is 31C at our pool terrace. Both our pools have 26C. Top of page
  • Regular Clientmaandag 9 oktober 2017

    Every summer this visitor comes by. Normally it is August when these animals show up. The surroundings of Vila do Ouro are too dry and too hot in August so they seek shade at our oasis.


    Picture taken by Roy Buitenhuis

    Summer in the Algarve goes on and on. Temperatures are around 30ºC and 21ºC during the night. The sun is all over the place. The pools have 26ºC and the Atlantic Ocean has 22,5ºC

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